Today would usually be my first day back from my weekend. At this moment I would be getting ready to head off to work, usually heading out the door by 6:40pm to arrive at around 7:15 pm. 

It is actually hitting me harder now that I’m actually laid off and out of work! 

So, what should I do now?

Should I start Looking for work again, or perhaps take a short break or Maybe I could travel to see Rafael in Toronto. 

But First is to apply for EI and hope it will give me enough to stay afloat until I find work again. 

Perhaps In future I could reapply at Amazon when the time is right, an option I am considering. I also have a few leads on job, opportunities, thanks to some of my friends. 

My time at Amazon was positive one, as made new friends and gained valuable experience. If I never return, I will still remember it as a good experience, and I will cherish the friends I have made there.