Connecting the Dots of Yesterday


Don’t ever again tell me “the parties are the same.”
Don’t ever again tell me “non-violent action doesn’t work.”
Don’t ever again tell me “elections don’t matter.”

These are the three biggest lies — the three greatest disincentives to voting and activism — that I have heard during the past four years. Time and time again, I’ve heard them repeated online, by those seeking to minimize the unprecedented non-violent social action of the past four years, or by those seeking — one way or another — to suppress the vote.

Friends, Joe Biden has not been President for 24-hours, and he has buried these lies on the ash heap of history.

I hope you were paying attention.

Yes, the swearing-ins were nice, and cathartic. Yes, the party last night was calming. But I hope you paid very close attention to the seventeen executive orders that President Biden signed yesterday.


With the stroke of a pen, Biden…

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