Connecting the Dots of Yesterday


Don’t ever again tell me “the parties are the same.”
Don’t ever again tell me “non-violent action doesn’t work.”
Don’t ever again tell me “elections don’t matter.”

These are the three biggest lies — the three greatest disincentives to voting and activism — that I have heard during the past four years. Time and time again, I’ve heard them repeated online, by those seeking to minimize the unprecedented non-violent social action of the past four years, or by those seeking — one way or another — to suppress the vote.

Friends, Joe Biden has not been President for 24-hours, and he has buried these lies on the ash heap of history.

I hope you were paying attention.

Yes, the swearing-ins were nice, and cathartic. Yes, the party last night was calming. But I hope you paid very close attention to the seventeen executive orders that President Biden signed yesterday.


With the stroke of a pen, Biden…

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Today would usually be my first day back from my weekend. At this moment I would be getting ready to head off to work, usually heading out the door by 6:40pm to arrive at around 7:15 pm. 

It is actually hitting me harder now that I’m actually laid off and out of work! 

So, what should I do now?

Should I start Looking for work again, or perhaps take a short break or Maybe I could travel to see Rafael in Toronto. 

But First is to apply for EI and hope it will give me enough to stay afloat until I find work again. 

Perhaps In future I could reapply at Amazon when the time is right, an option I am considering. I also have a few leads on job, opportunities, thanks to some of my friends. 

My time at Amazon was positive one, as made new friends and gained valuable experience. If I never return, I will still remember it as a good experience, and I will cherish the friends I have made there.

“Love Is Not Enough” (feat. Zoe Johnston)

I’ve had too many a good cry for you
This is my time to say goodbye to you

In my heart of hearts
I know there’s more love left for you
But love is not enough, I’ve learned,
To see the journey through

This is not yours alone
It hurts me too
Please don’t say you don’t care
(I know you do)

Love is not enough for me
If it screams when you hold it
Love is not enough for me
Love is hurting if it screams
Oh if it’s screaming out loud

Love is not enough

One day you will fly away from here
One day you will leave your hurts behind

Grant Jonathan David, Mcguinness Anthony Patrick James, Johnston Zoe, Siljamaeki Paavo Olavi

Does the Apostle Paul Really Contradict Jesus?

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I hesitate to say the Bible disagrees with itself. I find an elegant consistency when read as a whole. But I will say I find apparent discrepancies that require examination. One of them has to do with fathers.

Don’t call anybody on earth your father, because you have one Father, who is heavenly. (Matthew 23:9.)

It seems rather clear: don’t call anyone father.

Why then does Paul, the most prolific New Testament writer, apparently flout this teaching?

Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel. (1 Corinthians 4:15, emphasis added.)

Saint Paul Writing His Epistles, Valentin de Boulogne (1591–1632) (Wikipedia) Saint Paul Writing His Epistles, Valentin de Boulogne (1591–1632)

It turns out the words translated into English as “father” in various places in those two passages are based on different Greek roots in the original writing. In Matthew…

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