Dreams and Such

Wrote this a few months back but forgot about it until now.

Lady Gaga Chromatica Promo

This morning I’m off to see the heart specialist about my cholesterol. Last night I wasn’t feeling well, perhaps it’s was what I had for dinner or it could be anxiety about the appointment. I’m still feeling this way and I don’t really think I’m anxious… then again, who knows. I had a dream I was visiting Chicago and was sharing a hotel (or maybe it was an Airbnb) with this dysfunctional family from Delaware . And to top it off, Lady Gaga showed up for some reason. I never really had a chance to talk to her. I was too shy I guess. At one point the family decided to use a Ouija board so I left the room not wanting to be involved with that! As most of my dreams of this nature, I was spending h a lot of my time looking for things without much success.

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