Rejecting the Bible – an interesting way to view scripture and doctrine

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I recently interacted with someone on a Facebook forum dedicated to looking at the role of women and men from a biblical basis – that is, the point is to consider what the Bible has to say about women and men in the body of Christ. Our interaction in this instance was on a different point, though; she criticized my use of the words Old Covenant and New Covenant in discussing the eras in which we read of the great relationships of Ruth and Boaz (who lived under the Old Covenant) and Mary and Joseph (in the advent of the New Covenant).

She said the phrases Old Testament and New Testament wrongly give the impression that the original Hebrew Scriptures had been replaced. Yet I hadn’t used the word “testament” at all, and for the specific reason that I was speaking of the covenant the people lived under (or were approaching), not the name of the…

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