Retreat at Rivendell

This was written shortly after the St. Brigids fall retreat at Rivendell November 22-24. I didn’t finish the post and left it until now. 

Spent a weekend with some of my friends from St Brigids congregation

It’s the St Brigids annual retreat at Rivendale which is on Bowen Island. The facilities were wonderful with private and clean rooms, huge kitchen and common room. A large fireplace. We spent time talking about prayer and what it is about with Curator André leading the sessions.

Why do I pray was one Of the questions, followed by how and what were we praying and what do we expect from God?

Prayer is talking to God, aligning my mind to the things of God. Helps to ease distress and uncertainty and to get a sense of His presence

What is Prayer?:

It’s Communication, a Conversation which we can Bring up Petitions.

Is it talking to yourself? Does it change us and others?

The book of Job was discussed in which God played the advocate as apposed to the accuser… Job had a limited understanding of God. We all have a limited understanding so we need to embrace the mystery and understand that we project our own ideas about God.

Eclesaties can Be called the book of mindfulness

We don’t always hear the answer, in fact Michael the Archangel said he was delayed Answering because he had to fight spiritual Forces. I think that sometimes we delay our own answer. We can dwell on the negative rather than the positive

What does Jesus say?:

Prayer is private. Don’t show off

It is to Bring the kingdom here. (Your Kingdom come)

His will be done

God already knows before you even speak it.


Pharisee and the Tax collector

Persistent Knocker

Widow and the unjust Judge

Jesus on the cross. “Forgive them For they know not what they’re doing. Father why have you forsaken me?”

There is No clear answer on what is Prayer with Different theories about God.

God created then withdrew

God created and still involved but in a limited way

God is 💯 % active

God created then works through humans to accomplish his will in the world.


In the second session, we broke up into groups and discussed different aspects of prayer. It was interesting and an eye opener.

That evening we went to the chapel for some Taizé worship. The harmonies were beautiful and a God presence was felt!

I enjoyed the retreat even though at times I was feeling left out, however I made sure to switch the negative thoughts and stopped comparing myself to others and that worked. I was able to interact with Others I refused to feel sorry for myself.

I would love to go back for my own personal retreat. Perhaps sometime this summer. We shall see how that unfolds.