Regarding the grammar of God

A white stone

The recent debate over the marriage
canon of the Anglican Church of Canada has revealed at least two
major theological fault line, both deeply underexamined. One is how
we think about gender, both in the order of creation and in the order
of redemption, and in our language about God and humanity; whether
our scripture and tradition actually tie us into a simple gender
binary to anything like the extent we have believed for the last few
centuries. The other is how we think about the theological nature of
covenant partnership (and, secondarily, how this relates to the
institutions known as “marriage” at various times and places).

At the moment I am mostly making forays
towards the first question, not with any idea that it can be resolved
forever, but in an attempt to at least slightly complicate and deepen
some of our thinking. I’ve also glanced at the second…

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