Friday Night with the Boys

Yesterday (Friday night) the guys in the service and sales department at my work place threw a little party at the end of the day. Alcohol and BBQ smokies were provided along with Danny’s DJ skills and a couple of Video games to play including soccer. It was a pretty fun time as we played frisbee, soccer on tv, danced, drank and ate smokies. We all let our hair down and had fun. I felt the most connected with these guys than I have ever before especially now that they know my sexuality. It wasn’t an issue. In fact, I talked to Brian who I’ve worked with for many years and he was completely ok with it and gave me a bear hug meant a tremendous amount to me. He wasn’t squeamish about hugging a gay guy and that spoke volumes about his character.

I’ve had my share of difficulties at this company but most of it was me dealing with personal stuff. I think after last night, I am more determined to work harder, do better and hope I can enjoy my job much more than I have before.

Perhaps another 16 years at ECM.

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My Prayer for today.

An old friend of mine responded to a post I did on Facebook this past week. The post itself was

“A Letter to our Conservative Parents” which I thought was enlightening and helpful in understanding the younger generation and where they are. My friend responded with the usual “evangelical/ fundamentalist” talking points I usually see in those circles. I was surprised and I graciously responded in which he in turn replied with a “fire and brimstone” response.

It’s obvious he wont budge on his position and I am sad to see the anger come out in his writing. I decided to walk away and not respond any further.

I am saddened by the polarization of society in general. It started with politics then religion and it now seems its in most areas of life.

It scares me as I see our society continue this downward spiral and the evangelical community blames it on some sort of “end times” scenario even though they are responsible for most of the division that is happening. So stuck in their position, they wont even talk to the so-called “Godless Heathens”, isolating themselves just in case they get polluted by our evil ways….

Talking helps with understanding and acceptance or at least respect, but all I see is fear and hate.

Anyhow, life goes on and I am determined to make this another good day for myself and others around me..

My prayer today is to be a light to those who I encounter, that I would respond in a manner that is uplifting and constructive. I will not allow myself to get so self absorbed that I forget the greater picture. May my emotions reflect the God who lives in me, beside me and above and below me…