Methodism: Post-Mortem and Pre-Vitae

Therefore, for Progressive and Moderate United Methodists, it is time for something new. It is time for something new and inclusive to be born.


This week’s General Conference #gc2019 is the result of a slow-moving train wreck that’s been happening in the United Methodist Church for some thirty years. Most centered in my mind today are all those who are experiencing pain, most especially of all, my dear Methodist LGBTQ friends across the denomination, and all of those who are watching from the outside.

We must talk about people FIRST, before polity or structure or building. We must always do that. People are more important that structure and polity. (I“ve tried to say that time and time again…)

And so, let me do that. Let me start by talking to people.

Dear LGBTQ Friends:

Mark Miller’s great song is as right today as it was the day he wrote it:

“No matter what the church says,
Decisions, pronouncements on you,
You are a child
You are a child of God.”

That this the…

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At Least Tell The Truth — Paula Stone Williams

I was in Palm Springs to present a keynote and workshop to psychotherapists who work with the LGBTQ population. My keynote was warmly received, as was my workshop about the evangelical church and its rejection of LGBTQ people. One delightful couple talked with me after the workshop. They are from a city in the west […]

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I Am A Christian, First and Foremost

pexels-photo-887353-1Back in 1984, I was on a spiritual journey. I believed in God, but had no frame of reference, and not much to go by except whatever I was taught at Catholic school. Then I met up with some wonderful people who embraced me, accepted me and loved me… No conditions. They were “EVANGELICALS”, bearers of good news, whose only objective was to win others to accept the love of God. As imperfect as they were and their theology, it was LOVE that drew me to them and ultimately to God through Jesus Christ.

Much has changed since then. I figured early on that I was gay and for awhile did not know how to reconcile my sexuality with the Divine. It was many years later that I met another group of people, who not only accepted me, but also affirmed me as a child of God and who I am as a sexual being.

Evangelicalism was, a part of the church which focused on making disciples, to share the love of God to all. It has now been associated with intolerance, exclusivity, and hate. It shocks me to see this next generation of leaders become so obsessed with having power and control over all aspects of our society. Kind of reminds me of a nation that is currently a theocracy… Iran.

After careful thought and prayer, I’ve made a decision…..

That from this day forth I will no longer associate with the term “EVANGELICAL” or call myself EVANGELICAL. With all that has transpired in the U.S. by some who make such stupid statements, all in the name of God, I can no longer hold to such a title. They have dragged the name, that to me, conveyed love acceptance, healing, through the mud.

I am a Christian first and foremost from a denomination that has made strides in being accepting, with their doors wide open to ALL, displaying unconditional love. God is bigger than any label we put on, both ourselves and the HOLY ONE!

I pray that Canada does not fall into this trap that we be the wiser and reject it.

@Franklin Graham.. your father was much more honourable and gracious (warts and all) than you will ever be. It was he who drew me to God almost 40 years ago and it was simply because he preached unconditional LOVE and the Gospel (good news). You preach hate and certainly not good news.