This past Wednesday I came out to the world through Facebook. Many already knew or suspected. Most of my friends knew since I interact with them almost daily but for those who I hardly saw or talk to, that post was for them. My boss at work knew as I came out to him last spring and the rest of the work gang, well, I think most suspect and it seems they don’t care.

We are in a completely different time than when I first moved out this way from Saskatechewan back in 1996! I was even surprised to hear from some of my friends way back. Some suspected and yet nothing changes. I am still friends with them and there has not been any negative responses at all. I am quite humbled by the fact that some who I thought might have misgivings or maybe even outright hostile were in fact accepting and genuinely happy for me.

I expected my friends here in Vancouver who did not know or heard it for the first time for me to be accepting, but back in Saskatchewan? That was a surprise.

It is so freeing and I hope this will pave the way for a relationship I can hold on to this time….

Here’s to my next stage in life….


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