Calgary October 2016

I cam across this in my notes on my iPhone. I could not find it anywhere else and why I did not publish it on Blogger or any other site, I don’t know. 


My first foray out side the province for more than a day in years. Not since my trip to Sacramento. Left Vancouver in rain and. Fog, flew over an endless sea of cloud until we started descending into Calgary, then the clouds broke up and I saw the Rockies laid out below for all to see…. that is until we flew over Calgary and saw a layer of fog shrouding the city. Never saw her until we touched down and even there there wasn’t much to see as the fog hid everything.

Newer skyscrapers make a severe and bold statement.

Lots of cyclists and I mean lots

Wandered into a part of Calgary called Kensington or is it Sunnyside. I remember it from 8 years ago

Kensington Fog (London Fog) at Kienna cafe


Meet with my aunt Uncle and cousin, had pizza and watched tv… it was great. Got my first skyline photo… need more! With I had gotten a picture of my relatives! Grrr

Lunch with Ricky Zayshley

Had a wonderful time catching up with Ricky. We shared stories about our lives, what we have been doing these past 30 years.

After dinner I went to the Zoo and found it completely different. The exhibits had changed or moved, all for the better as most of the new homes for the animals were more reflective of their natural environment. It was grand! Being that was October, there were less people and no lineups. Only place I missed was the big cats (Lions). That whole area was closed off for renovations. I also notice a lot of construction and shorting up the island, adding new walls, ready for the next big flood.

After a good couple of hours at the Zoo, I wandered about the city, catching the west bound C-train. The line was new and I had not travelled on it yet.

I later met with Denys and had a few beers catching up. Appears he doesn’t like Calgary and misses Vancouver. I told him to be persistent and don’t give up when trying to apply for a nursing job in Vancouver.

Went to Banff on Saturday with Julian. It was cold yet sunny with some breathtaking vistas all around. I was hoping to meet up with my brother Pat but I wasn’t able to get in contact with him. I learned later that he was still in Red Deer and didn’t arrive until later. By then we were back in Calgary.

My last evening we talked and drank vodka. We reminisced, watched old videos he took of us back in 1988. Talked about music, and life. Then it was bed time and I slept somewhat ok.

Well here ends a wonderful time in this great city of Calgary. I’m so glad to have met up with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin, Anne, Wayne and Kelsey. Pizza and TV was perfect.

It was Good to see Denys Friday. Don’t give up, be persistent, it will all eventually come through for you. I may see you in Vancouver sooner than you think.

Ricky, it was so good to see you again after 30 years. Lunch at Charbar was great and I will be back and this time it will be on me. I Still wish We got that selfie together. Perhaps next time.

Most of all, I want to thank my host and good friend Julian who, unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to hang out as much due to his work schedule but Saturday in Banff was fun.

Loved Calgary and I will like to pay another visit soon.

Staying Home While My Wife Goes Out Is Fine With Me

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[A dialog based on too many conversations, and some turns I would have liked those conversations to have taken.]


“What’d you do this weekend?”

“I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen cutting up vegetables to roast.”

“Aren’t you married?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Then you have a wife to do the kitchen work.”

“She was at the gym.”

“Oh, I see. She was working out to make sure she keeps her figure to stay attractive for you.”

“What? No. What?”

“A woman wants to look good for her man!”

“She was just working out with her friends.”

“Well, the ladies do need their time together.”

“She works out with men and women.”

“Together? I’d put a stop to that if it were my wife. She’d be at home doing that kitchen work.”

“You do know men are allowed to cook, right?”

“Sure we’re ‘allowed’ to, but it’s better that women do…

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