I make too many assumptions based on my own preconceived

(and always unproven) ideas,

based on my own hurts and fears…

I’d call myself an idiot but that is self defeating as well.

Time to pull up my straps and get on with life.


Live life DAMMIT!

Forget about what was…

look to what will be….

Nothing will necessarily be what


but rather what


Help me be a better person

to myself  and

to others around me.



2 thoughts on “GET ON WITH IT DAMMIT!”

  1. So the journey begins. I started mine kind of late; but in a way I guess I was always on it. If I was allowed any comment, it would be, rather than looking to what will be, to look within to what is already there

    1. It was rather a quick note without a whole lot of thought put into it. However those thoughts had been swimming. Around in my head for awhile, some of them I was aware, others simply popped up as I was writing. Then it occurred to me that it looks a lot like a poem! So I rearranged it and formatted it. I like the way it flows as it helps to convey the emotions coming out of those thoughts.

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