*Originally published May 11 2010, this is my first blog on this new WordPress/ Windows Live. My previous dapeha spaces never showed up in public no and the settings couldn’t be changed to fix that. I all but gave up on solving that problem. This time it might just be different.

Gaston was the world to me.. having him
for 15 years you grow quite attached to the little critter. A cross
Siamese with black fur and a white patch on his neck and tummy and an
attitude to boot. I got him when he was only 3 months old, born of a
Siamese mother and big grey tabby father. I could hold him in the palms
of my two hands and at night he would curl up in the hollow of my arm as
I rested my head on my hands.. he would curl up and purr.

His first year with me was hard as he was
still a kitten and made quite a racket at night, meowing and carrying
on.. It would get me throwing my pillow or anything I could grab, just
to shut him up!!. He was rambunctious, skittish and high strung like any
Siamese cat, however I grew to love that little critter as he grew up
and after he was neutered he mellowed out quite a bit. He’s had his
share of adventures, with dogs chasing him, cats challenging him, land
lady that would like to torment him (in a good way of course).  His
train trip ride to Vancouver from Yorkton was pretty traumatic for him
yet he survived. I lost him for a short time a few years ago as he got
outside in the night and didn’t return. I believe something must have
spooked him and he ran off and ended up getting lost. A couple of months
later as I was about to accept that he was gone for good, I was on my
way to work and walking out to the street and saw a little sign on the
nearby lamp post which read


Black Cat with white
mark on
chest. 2-3
yrs old. He’s cold and
lonely. If
he’s yours or you
would like him please call…

I immediately pulled the poster down, took it
to work and called the number.. The description was almost perfect so I
waited all day impatiently for the day to end.. Then when it did, I
literally ran to the address the person gave me went up the stairs to
the porch, seeing a cat jump off the couch on the porch to run away but
it stopped and I looked at the little feline. He meowed at me and I
instantly recognized him and he me.. he came to me purring, a little
skinny but in good spirits. The person who found him said she fed him
and kept an eye on him but wouldn’t let him in the house since she had
her own cat.

He was lost
then was found and I was so glad to see him.
After that
little adventure, he stayed within the yard and rarely ventured further.

He’s been on roofs of houses, inside attics,
slept in freezing temperatures, fought off bigger cats, been chassed my
dogs and humans, befriended a lot of good people as many thought he
acted more like a dog than a cat. He was very loyal and spent a lot of
time with me when I was home. He would often sleep in my lap as I sat in
front of the computer and often slept in my bed or on the couch (where
my roomate would watch tv). He was a good companion, and a comforter
hanging out with me whenever I was sad or distressed or if I was just
chillin for the night. Every evening my roomate would stretch in the
living room before heading to bed and he would be right there to
supervise. When I was living in Yorkton, I would often go for quiet
walks at twilight to think, he would follow me to the local court house
where I would sit and he would lie down close by me until it was time to
go then follow me home.

Catnip was
his weakness as it was sometimes the only way I could coax him into the
house after 9pm (his curfew). He had a distinctive meow that I could
hear outside if he was confronting another cat. It sounded like a baby
crying. He was very vocal to me and often tried to talk to me. My room
mate would note, that often he would suddenly walk to the door and wait,
shortly before I arrived home from work. Like he could hear me
He liked to sit in the window sill and watch
the world go by, hiss and growl at any passing cats (or raccoons) at all
hours of the day and night. he loved cream and tuna juice and would
often walk into the kitchen when the can opener came out expecting a

Some of you  will ask, will you get another cat? I’ve often
thought about that even before his passing and likely the answer would
be yes. But not for awhile.. perhaps years. One thing I don’t want to do
is rush into getting something to fill up my space.. I need to grieve
and move on before thinking about another pet. That will come soon

I think when I do, I would like
something similar, like a cross Siamese since I like them intelligent
and loyal.. Time will tell.